Recent News

  1. We currently have contracts signed for 833 kW and are at the best pricing ($2.60/watt).
  2. Outer Cape Energize Invites Local Nonprofits to Apply for Solar Electricity Awards
  3. People are still signing up!
  4. The program pricing was extended to 31 December 2018.
  5. ACE Solar has a new office in Eastham opposite the Sheraton.
  6. Non-residents can now get Tier 1 Pricing for an off-Cape property. To qualify, the property owner must sign a contract with ACE Solar during the Solarize Campaign for their property on Cape Cod. Once the contract has been signed ACE Solar will honor the Tier 1 pricing for any and all qualifying properties located within their service area (currently MA, RI and NH.)
  7. We will have inserts for Outer Cape Energize in the tax bills for the towns of Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.  This will reach 11,300 residents and non-residents.
  8. We are, in cooperations with non-resident taxpayers associations sending a special email to members of those organizations.
  9. ACE Solar is now offering an additional top of the line choice of a 360 Watt LG panel upgrade ($.53/watt) adder.  With a total price of $3.13 per watt, this is an unbelievable value.