Recent News

  1. Press releases about the official start (MA CEC) of our Program were sent out.
  2. Ads have appeared in the Provincetown Banner and the Cape Cod Times.
  3. We continue to have Community meetings.
  4. We have an updated Flyer for handing out at meetings.
  5. The Solar RFP was issued with six responses.
  6. We will interview finalists this week.
  7. A selection will be announce next week.
  8. “Meet the installer” meetings will be held the weeks of February 12 and 19 covering all four town.
  9. Bi-monthly conference calls will be set up soon with MA CEC, Cadmus (technical consultant) and our Solar Coaches and Municipal Representatives.
  10. Depending on issues at hand, we may want to also have regular calls every other week (alternating with 8.)
  11. The Community Contracts have all been fully executed and funds have been disbursed to each town.
  12. A reimbursement and expense tracking process is being put in place.
  13. Along with Annie’s Publicity work, MA CEC will be providing press contacts, story ideas, etc.
  14. I have purchased a projector that I am loaning to our program so that we can have a single technology for each Community meeting.
  15. MA CEC will be in touch soon about scheduling the training on the new electrical codes for each town’s inspector.