The four outer Cape towns have combined under the Solarize Mass program of MassCEC and DOER to participate in the Solarize Mass Program.

  • ACE Solar is the selected installer.  Their local office is in Eastham across from the Sheraton.
  • They are offering very competitive prices.
  • The program has five pricing tiers.  As more people have signed up, the price has gone down. We achieeved the lowest price, Tier 5.
  • The currently offered price is 2.60/kW for Hanwha QCELL blk-G4.1-295 all black solar panels and 3.13 /kW for a top of the line 360 Watt LG panel LG360Q1C-A5.
  • Options for outright purchase, purchase with Solar Loan, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Second Home Owners: ACESolar has extended its exclusive Tier 1 Pricing to residents with an off-Cape property. To qualify, the property owner must sign a contract with ACESolar during the Solarize Campaign for their property on Cape Cod. Once the contract has been signed ACESolar will honor the Tier 1 pricing for any and all qualifying properties located within their service area (currently MA, RI, and NH.)

Here is how we are doing since we selected ACESolar as our installer under the Solarize Mass program.  We have had over 200 people indicate an interest in our Solar program.  All have been contacted within a week, once the vendor was selected.  We have passed Tier 5 in signed capacity.


  • The reimbursement rates decrease for systems connected after May 2018.
  • The preferred pricing ends in mid-August 2018
  • Eversource connection fees go up for systems connected after December 2018

The competition

  • Six solar vendors, respond to the RFP
  • ACE Solar offered excellent equipment at a very favorable price.

Looking to the future

  • Consider if you will want an electric car during the 20-year life of the panels
  • Consider using an air-source hot water heater (saves on electricity, oil or propane)
  • Consider using mini-splits for heating (saves on electricity, oil or propane) and also provides AC

Once you indicate your interest (using the form on the right) ACE Solar will:

  • Contact you immediately
  • Evaluate your site for solar first with satellite photos and then an on-site inspection, to assess shading
  • Examine your current electric usage and take into account planned future needs such as mini-splits or electric vehicles.
  • Generate a detailed proposal.

If you decide to proceed ACE Solar will:

  • Apply for all utility interconnections,
  • File all required permits and obtain inspections,
  • Install your solar system!
  • Install any optional monitoring systems.
  •  Discuss financial options with you

Solar production varies by month.
Average production and usage over the course of a year for the same system.